3 Simple Ways to Prevent Toilet Troubles at Home – Our Guide

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Your home’s bathroom should be a place of comfort and oasis, serving as your own spa where you can relax and wash off the day’s stress. However, fixtures like your toilet can quickly cause major headaches once the water lines start to drip, the water pressure weakens, or flushing becomes nearly impossible.

Toilets are susceptible to wear-and-tear since they’re one of the most utilized fixtures in any home. With that in mind, a potty that starts to break down in different ways can be frustrating and costly once it demands professional attention. In this case, prevention is always better than hiring a cure.

Fortunately, giving your toilet regular TLC can steer you away from costly problems. So, here are simple ways to maintain your toilet’s upkeep and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Tip #1: Be Sure to Clean your Toilet Regularly Using Mild Cleaners

As mentioned above, the toilet is always working hard, since everyone in your household uses it daily. Seeing as it’s constantly performing for your comfort, it just makes sense to keep it clean too.

Giving your toilet a regular wash using vinegar, baking soda, or a mild detergent can do wonders for elevating your bathroom’s cleanliness and mitigating the build-up of residues. Not to mention, paying attention to your porcelain palace at least once a week makes it easier to spot potential leaks, allowing you to take action before it’s too late.

Tip #2: Practice Mindful Flushing 

Flushing mindfully and ensuring you’re throwing toiletries like wipes, napkins, or tissues in their proper places can do wonders for keeping your toilet clog-free. Toilet papers today are designed to integrate as they go down the sewage line, but not all toilet papers are made the same.

Some may take longer to break down, causing minor clogs in your pipes that can trap other debris. Wipes and other similar products are generally not designed to be flushed, even if sometimes the packaging says so. If you’re unsure, it’s safer to throw these products in the trash with the rest of your hygiene essentials.

Tip #3: Avoid Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners

Using chemical drain cleaners seems like a good way to eliminate the potential blockages in your toilet, but these products have higher risks of doing more harm than good. Not only can they compromise your health if you get them on your skin, but strong detergents can even aggravate old fixtures and pipes.

The Bottom Line: Putting a Stop to Your Toilet Troubles Before It’s Too Late 

Dealing with clogged toilets can be a major inconvenience, especially since it can have underlying problems that may seriously affect your overall plumbing system. Sewage water can go up and overflow your bathroom when you ignore your toilet’s blockages, so it’s important to put professional plumbing experts on speed dial once your drains start acting up.

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