3 Simple Steps to Quickly Identify a Leak in the Toilet


Toilet leaks can happen anytime. When they do happen, not only will it hurt the toilet’s performance, but it can also put your wallet and your home at risk. Water damage is not easy to fix, and such damage can become severe if left alone long enough.

Are you worried that your toilet might be leaking but are unsure? If so, you are in luck. You can do many things to check your toilets for leaks. This article will go over some simple steps to identify leaks and fix any possible problems quickly.

Step 1. Remove the tank lid

To identify a leak, the first thing you must do is to open the tank lid on your toilet. For many toilets, this is located behind and on top of the toilet. Note that it can be pretty heavy, so lift slowly, carefully, and with both hands. If you need help, be sure to ask. Sometimes the lid might sit on the tank quite tightly, so it might require a bit of a tug to free it. 

Once you do remove the top of the tank, place it somewhere safe and low to the ground where it cannot fall and shatter.

Step 2. Check the water level 

With the tank lid removed, take a peek inside the tank. In many tanks, there should be a line that indicates the optimal water level. This can be anywhere on the interior wall of the tank, so look carefully for it.  

Should you find that the water level is lower than normal, you will need to adjust the fill valve. The fill valve is responsible for how much water gets into the tank, so adjust it until the water reaches the line.

Step 3. Put in some food coloring

 If you find that the water level simply is not reaching the optimal level even with adjustments to the fill valve, there may be a leak somewhere.

To find that leak, put some food coloring drops into the tank. The colors can help show you where the water is flowing. If that doesn’t work, wait for around half an hour. Then, when the time’s up, check the toilet bowl. If there are any leaks in the bowl, the problem might be in the overflow tube or the flapper. In either case, you need to have the problem fixed.  


Whether or not you know where the leak is, you should get the leak fixed, no matter how minor. We highly recommend working with expert plumbers for the job. They know how to find leaks and repair them quickly. 

If you suspect a leak in your toilet, turn off the water supply to the toilet and do not hesitate to call a plumber right away. The longer you wait, the more costly the issue will become. It is always better to be safe than sorry. After all, the last thing you will want to deal with is a broken toilet when you need it the most!

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