4 Plumbing Issues to Watch Out for in the Summertime


Summer has arrived in full force in East Texas. For homeowners, it’s crucial to maintain the upkeep of your home to keep you and your family comfortable indoors while beating the summer heat. Part of watching over your welfare is looking into your plumbing system and making sure everything continues working properly throughout the warm season.

Unfortunately, with the change of the season comes potential problems involving your plumbing system that could cause hindrances to your daily routine. Failing to attend to them could impact your quality of living and prevent you from having a worry-free day.

Knowing the issues regarding your pipes and fixtures is crucial to being one step ahead and preventing them from causing you stress when all you want is to enjoy your summer while it lasts. Keep reading below to find out the typical problems you can encounter with your plumbing system during summer and why you should call for plumbing services right away.

A Clogged Garbage Disposal

When it’s summer, you can expect your home to be busy catering to backyard cookouts, having guests over, and grilling food to accommodate them. It’s also the time where you can look forward to eating a wide array of fruits and vegetables that only thrive in the warm weather.

Accommodating your neighbors and guests could also mean one thing—more chances of using your garbage disposal. All the leftover food scraps could build up in your disposal and lead it to clog. To prevent a backup from occurring and making a mess at home, you should always run the cold water before and after using the disposal.

A Clogged Bathroom Toilet

Since the summer break is where your children can spend their free time indoors because school is out for the next few weeks, you can expect them to be home most of the time. If they’re planning to invite their friends over, you can guarantee they’ll be using the restroom.

If they aren’t careful, more bathroom breaks can result in the need for a clogged toilet repair due to their increased frequency of use. Unfortunately, flushing the toilet more than usual can wear out its flappers, chains, and handles, leading you to call a plumber to address the damage before it gets worse.

A Malfunctioning Sprinkler

Having sprinklers installed in your lawn can also lead to plumbing problems, especially come the summer season. Since you and your family have more chances of spending your days outdoors in your yard, it could impact your in-ground sprinklers if you aren’t careful.

When children run around the yard, they might not always notice the sprinklers in place, eventually stepping on one and damaging them or creating a leak. Failing to see broken sprinklers on your lawn could impact your water bills without your knowledge, eventually requiring residential plumbing solutions to come to the rescue.

A Slow-Draining Shower

Every time you hop in the shower, if you’ve come from outside and you have sand, dirt, and other solid particles still stuck to your body, you should learn to rinse them off before getting in. Eliminating unnecessary debris can save you from clogging your drains and needed shower repairs in the future.

But if it’s too late and you notice your shower has started to drain slowly, don’t turn to a chemical clog remover right away because they can only make the situation worse. Rather, you should use the proper plumbing tools or contact a licensed plumber.


This summer, make sure you and your family are prepared to take on the heat and maintain the proper upkeep in your home, including the great condition of your plumbing system. Knowing what to do and not do keeps you from experiencing a clogged toilet and garbage disposal, malfunctioning sprinkler, and slow-draining shower, giving you another summer to remember.

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