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water softener with crystals

How to Keep Your Water Softener in Optimal Condition

Water softeners, or ion exchange units, are crucial additions to your utilities, especially if your local water source isn’t the best quality. A water softener removes minerals like magnesium and calcium from your drinking water, allowing you to drink softer water without compromising your digestive system. They also prevent scale and scum buildup, which protects

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3 Simple Steps to Quickly Identify a Leak in the Toilet

Toilet leaks can happen anytime. When they do happen, not only will it hurt the toilet’s performance, but it can also put your wallet and your home at risk. Water damage is not easy to fix, and such damage can become severe if left alone long enough. Are you worried that your toilet might be

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Shower head

Steps for Fixing a Leaking or Broken Showerhead

If every time you take a shower, you notice that the showerhead still continues spouting water even when you’ve shut it off tightly already, you may need to repair your shower installation. Failing to take action could lead to higher water bills and possibly flooding, affecting the rest of your bathroom in the process. Luckily,

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baking soda

4 Easy DIY Tips for Fixing a Clogged Drain at Home

Clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing issues that a homeowner faces. These affect showers, bathtubs, and sinks—anything that has a drainage pipe that can get a blockage due to overuse. You’ll notice this issue when wastewater either drains slowly or isn’t draining at all! When you leave a clogged drain untreated, it’s

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plumbing pipes being fixed

3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Home is in Danger of a Burst Pipe

It’s understandable that few people would want to concern themselves with their home’s plumbing system — after all, no one likes to get down and dirty. But when problems start to arise, your malfunctioning pipes can wreak havoc on your space in costly ways.  What was once a minor leak can spiral out of control

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