What Are the Common Causes of a Leaky Faucet?

leaky faucet

Among the different annoying sounds that you can expect to hear in your home from time to time, none will probably get on your nerves more than a leaky faucet.

Drip, drip, drip….. plop….. drip.

Right now, you might already be rolling your eyes and grinding your teeth in annoyance.

A growing problem that isn’t as minor as it seems

On average, nearly every homeowner in Texas deals with the problem of a leaky faucet to some degree because of how common it is and how easily it happens. Unfortunately, this common problem evolves into a fairly annoying one because of how persistent sounds can even disturb your sleep. But what if we told you that there are more things to worry about than losing a few extra minutes of shut-eye?

You see, even the smallest of faucet leaks can cost you an additional three gallons of water down the drain every day.

Throughout the year, this daily wastage of three gallons of water will eventually increase to the point where it adds a few hundred dollars to your annual water bills. However, leaky faucets lead to even bigger leaks that waste over 30 gallons of water every day, leading to thousands of dollars going down the drain!

What is causing the leak?

Once you consider the costs of a leaky faucet, you’re probably itching to solve the problem so that you can save yourself some money and keep your sanity intact. Fortunately, understanding the reason your water fixture is leaking boils down to a handful of different causes, some of which are best left to a professional like ServiceProz:

Cause #1: You’ve got a corroded valve seat

When your faucet leak originates from the spout of your fixture, then you’re most likely dealing with a valve seat-related issue. Situated in between the faucet itself and the spout, this problem can cause a lot of wear and tear when a buildup of water sediments occurs and corrodes the part itself—causing an annoying and persistent leak!

Can you solve it by yourself?: No, this particular type of leak is best left in the hands of a professional because you could easily end up making some costly mistakes.

Cause #2: You’ve got a bad O-ring

Most common among cartridge faucets, leaks caused by worn-out O-rings end up being unable to manage or control the flow of water that is directed into a faucet spout. Often, the solution to this problem is to simply replace the broken part through a simple installation method.

Can you solve it by yourself?: Absolutely! There are various guides online that will teach you how to change your O-ring in a few simple steps.

Cause #3: You’ve got worn-out washers

Another common cause for leaks in a faucet is the presence of worn-out washers that lead to moderate-to-severe spout leakage. Generally, this issue is caused by time and usage as the washer that rests against the valve seat itself ends up wearing out because of built-up friction, leading to a strong, uncontrollable water flow.

Can you solve it by yourself?: It isn’t recommended. The fix required for this particular problem is somewhat complicated in nature and requires the care, capabilities, and tools that only a professional plumber has.


When it comes to dealing with leaky faucets, it’s important to remember that there are various reasons such a problem exists. Fortunately, watching out for the three causes mentioned above (or calling in the services of an expert to help you figure things out) will allow you to stay on top of any leak issues that may develop into bigger issues!

If you’re dealing with a leaky faucet and need a 24-hour plumber in Longview to fix it, ServiceProz’s experts are here to help. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!

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