In East Texas, it’s absolutely essential to have an air conditioner that functions properly at all times to keep you comfortable and cool. So, what’s the plan if you come home to discover your house is like a sauna with no cold air in sight?

ServiceProz is your dependable air conditioning repair company. We proudly serve all of Longview and the surrounding areas with professional and reliable service to keep your home comfortable year-round.

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Common air conditioning repair questions

Several factors could be causing your air conditioning system to run but not be cooling your home:

  • Your Thermostat is on the “ON” setting – When set to ON instead of AUTO, the AC can’t finish its cooling cycle. For the best performance, put your thermostat on AUTO.
  • A dirty filter – A dirty air filter can stop up air circulation in your whole home. Changing your filters on time on a regular basis can keep the air flowing properly
  • Tripped breaker – Sometimes the outdoor breaker for the AC can get tripped. When that happens, your unit will continue to circulate air, but it won’t cool the air first. Simply reset the tripped breaker, but if that keeps happening, you should call a technician to check it out.
  • Low refrigerant – Because refrigerant runs on a cycle, a low level probably means there is a leak present.
  • A malfunctioning compressor – The compressor circulates the refrigerant in your system. When it’s not working correctly, your unit will not be properly cooling your home. 

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance checks can catch these issues before they become major problems.  If you’re having any of these issues with your air conditioner, call the Proz for quality, affordable air conditioning repair services!

Since the price of the service depends on what is wrong with your unit, the price of service can vary significantly. To get a quote or to find out more information, call ServiceProz today!

Some things you can do to keep your unit running effectively are:

  • Clean any leaves, dirt and debris off of your outdoor unit.
  • Regularly replace your air filters.
  • Set your thermostat to AUTO instead of ON.
  • Stay up to date with annual maintenance.

While there are things you can do yourself to improve your AC’s performance, it’s best left to a certified technician to take care of larger ac repair issues. If you want it done right, call the Proz first! We offer professional repair services done the right way the first time. Contact us today to get on our schedule!

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Here in Texas, we use our air conditioner on an almost daily basis. Because of that, it’s not hard to tell when something is not working right with your system.

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Signs you may need air conditioner repair services

It’s no secret that our summers are hot. With temperatures reaching record-breaking highs, we need our air conditioners to reliably blow cold air. If one minute your unit is blowing warm air, and the next, freezing cold air, there is likely an issue.

In a house with central air, the AC unit can be one of the largest consumers of electricity. If you’ve been experiencing higher than normal electric bills, AC maintenance could be needed to get your system working efficiently again.

If you notice a burning smell, it’s possible you could have an electrical failure in your unit. If the smell is musty, you could have bacteria or mold in your lines.

If your air conditioner isn’t turning on or off like it should, there’s likely a major problem, such as an electrical fault or the AC unit can’t reach the intended temperature.

Air conditioners have a drainage system designed to run off condensation. If the piping is cracked or clogged, or if your condenser coils are frozen, that could contribute to water pooling up under the air conditioner.

If any of the above signs seem familiar, it’s time to call a professional AC contractor. We make sure to get the job done right the first time, no “band-aids.” We are a local HVAC contractor in Longview Texas and the surrounding areas. ServiceProz is provides dependable residential air conditioner repairs, and we’re also available after hours to help you when you need it, especially in the heat of the East Texas summer. Contact us today for your air conditioning and heating needs!