Most Common Home Drainage Problems and How to Fix Them

water going down a drain

One of the most underrated parts of a home is its drainage system. It’s one of the parts of your home that you probably never think about—until something goes wrong, that is.

Drainage problems that emerge from seemingly nowhere are particularly frustrating. The trick here is knowing how to detect issues and have them addressed proactively so you don’t encounter serious problems in the first place!

Today, our Longview plumbing team will share a few of the most common causes of drainage problems and how to fix them.

Help! My Drains Aren’t Working Right!

If you notice that your drains are not working properly, experience drain back up or notice that there are some unwanted smells coming out of the ground in your property, you may have a drain issue on your hands. Here are some of the most common drain problems and how you can handle them.

1 – Blocked or Clogged Drains

There are many reasons that drains get clogged or blocked. Usually, it’s a matter of obstruction. This may be silt or soil building up in the drain, making it difficult for the waste to successfully drain and flow away from the home. In other occurrences, something must have been flushed down the drain by mistake, causing the blockage.

2 – Cracked Drains

Cracked or damaged drains may not have anything blocking them, but those cracks will let wastewater drain out of the pipes and into the ground surrounding your home. If you are able to locate the damaged drain, replacing the entire section of pipe is the most effective solution.

3 – Rust Buildup on Drains

As time goes by, your pipes may shrink in size due to rust or limescale buildup on the inner part of the pipes. This will make it more difficult for water to flow through it normally. Professional plumbers can often clean pipes to restore flow, but in some circumstances, a complete replacement will be necessary.

4 – Drains with Displaced or Open Joints

Displaced or open jointed pipes will have water escaping similarly to the cracked drains. However, if you are able to locate the portion of the drain that has been displaced, simply replacing it and putting it back to its correct position and sealing it will fix the problem.

5 – Drains That Were Damaged by Tree Roots

Tree roots may have a knack for growing right where your pipes are, damaging them and causing them to be displaced. If a root finds its way to a gap in your drain, as the tree root grows, so will the hole and damage to the drain pipe. This may lead to breakage or blockage. If you suspect tree roots are threatening your drainage system, get in touch with the experts!


This list does not include all of the possible reasons for drainage problems. However, experts will be able to tell exactly where the issue is. If you suspect drainage issues, get in touch with a professional plumber and have them perform a thorough inspection. Once they’ve narrowed down the problem, they will be able to decide what best to do to restore your drains to good health!

If you are unable to zero in on your drain problem, one of our plumbing experts at ServiceProz will be happy to help you! We are a locally owned and operated plumbing company prepared to solve all your indoor comfort issues in Longview and the surrounding areas. For all your residential plumbing needs, you can count on us!

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