Places in Longview Texas Part 1

Texas offers lots of wonderful places that are worth visiting, and one of these places is Longview. Although Longview is a relatively small town, it offers a handful of attractions and events that will make your visit to be worthy. Whether you are looking for monumental sites, cultural experience, good music or delicious foods, this small town provides you with a number of things you would love. Let’s take a closer look at some of the places to visit and things to do in Longview, Texas:

Longview Museum of Fine Arts

Let’s start by touring the remarkable Longview Museum of Fine Arts and checking out more than 400 works of art that are found in this museum. The paintings, sculptures and other visual arts inside this museum were created by international and local artists, and even some by students. If you are lucky, you can also take part in the exhibitions, musicals and children’s programs that often hold inside this museum from time to time. My visit to the Longview Museum of Fine Arts exposed me to the culture and arts of Longview, and I’m sure you will enjoy this place too.

Paul Boorman Trail

Rather than staying indoors all day, take a walk down Paul Boorman Trail. Soak yourself in the aesthetic views of trees, wooden bridges, dog parks, a creek, and several other wonderful attractions found on the wailing trail. Even the birds are not exempted from giving you a warm welcome. Whether you want to walk the trail alone or stroll hand-in-hand with your family or loved ones, Paul Boorman Trail provides you a serenading and breathtaking atmosphere for these activities. Do not miss out on visiting this paved trail whenever you are in town.  
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Photo by Paul Anderson, Longview, Texas

Gregg County Historical Society

If you are an enthusiast of art and historical items, Gregg County Historical Society should be one of the places on your list when you are visiting Longview. The collections found in this monumental center include photographs, architecture exhibits, artifacts, military items and other essential documents with historical significance.

Pietro’s Neighborhood Pizzeria

If you are like me, you are likely going to get tired after enjoying all the beautiful sights and wonderful places. So what will you do to after you work up an appetite and want to recharge? Take some time off by visiting Pietro’s Neighborhood Pizzeria to enjoy some pizzas, salads, portions of pasta and several other yummy meals. Alternatively, call and order your meals and they will deliver it to you at the comfort of your home or hotel. Feel like having barbecue during your tour of Longview? There are lots of other places in town that can provide you with delicious barbecue that will keep you asking for more. Without a doubt, Longview is not short on tasty foods that are garnished with lovely items. Now that you have known that Longview is a small town with some great places to visit, what is your excuse for not coming for a visit? Pack your bags today, and come and enjoy the beauty of Longview. You won’t regret your decision.  

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