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Longview is a city in East Texas, about 130 miles east of Dallas. It has a basic industry and manufacturing economy, but also supports a big part of East Texas with health care, retail, and other services. Its motto is “Real East Texas,” and it has earned the nickname of the “Balloon Capital of Texas” for its renowned annual Great Texas Balloon Race.

The name Longview was given to this area when Ossamus Hitch Methvin, Sr., exclaimed, “What a long view” from his home in 1870. It was the first town incorporated in Gregg County and remains the county seat. Back in the early days, the town supported wagons traveling across the region and became a commercial district.

Today, Longview is sought for its leadership in manufacturing and healthcare jobs. Its major assets are the dedicated folks of East Texas who wish to carry the tradition of hard work into the future for generations to come.

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Plumber in Longview TX
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